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Tegel Building The Exotic

Workshop: Building the Exotic through Transmedial Practices

This research seminar aims to investigate the ways in which Fascist colonialism endeavored to construct a coordinated public image of its colonies and occupied territories through a “media convergence”.


KNIR Open House

Krd Gaillemin Tegel Med Palatino 220 0439

KRD “The Three Narratives of the Florentine Codex: Discrepancies and Complementarity between Texts and Images”

KNIR Research Dialogues (KRD)


Banner Cultures Of Science And Art

Summer School: Cultures of Science and Art in Rome, 1400-1900

Tegel Mapping Uncertainty Knir Colloquium Van Netten

Mapping Uncertainty. Early Modern Global Cartography, 21st Century Discussions

KNIR Colloquium by Dr. Djoeke van Netten (University of Amsterdam)

Workshop: Cultural Exchange, Interaction and Innovation in Early Sixteenth-Century Venice

The Interdisciplinary Artistic Milieu of Silvestro Ganassi


Tegel Narrazioni E Memorie 2022 Murales Artista Jerico

Simposio del corso Narrazioni e Memorie di un’Italia divisa e postsecolare

Seminar Transnational Perspectives Street Art Torpignattara

Transnational Perspectives on Post-Secular Italy: Arts, Media and Religion

International Research Seminar

Voorjaarsactiviteit Vrienden van het KNIR

Tegel Workshop Humanist And Scholastic Roots Of Early Modern Philosophy

Masterclass “Humanist and Scholastic Roots of Early Modern Philosophy”

After a successful first edition in 2018, Professor Lodi Nauta and colleagues offer the opportunity to (R)MA/PhD students to participate in an unique masterclass which will examine the legacy of what we term late-medieval and Renaissance thought in early-modern philosophy.

1 Stradano Nova Reperta

KRD “American Things Reduced into Art: Epistemologies and Politics of Knowledge Appropriation in the 16th Century”

KNIR Research Dialogues (KRD)
Fosse Ardeatine Tegel Research Seminar Ww2, Trauma Etc.

Research Seminar: WW2, Trauma, and the Effects for the Next Generation

History, Cultural Memories, and Economics
Seminario Rotte Globali Tegel

Seminario ibrido: Storie Materiali – Storie Globali

Ciclo ISEMinari


42nd Ims Workshop

International Mediterranean Survey Workshop

42nd edition
Conference A Hellenistic Revolution Tegel

Hybrid Conference: A Hellenistic Revolution? Objects and Change in Afro-Eurasia from the 3rd to 1st centuries BC

An international conference organised in the framework of the Leiden University VICI project Innovating Objects. The impact of global connections and the formation of the Roman Empire
Antica Norba

Early Roman Imperialism in the Making

The course adopts a diachronic and systemic perspective with a focus on archaeology, in order to better understand Rome’s initial expansion between the late Regal and mid-Republican period (mid 6th to 3th century BC). Through a critical reading of Rome’s material record and that of Rome’s competitors in contemporary central Tyrrhenian Italy, you will explore the characteristics and socio-economic impact of early Roman expansion and colonisation, and evaluate different theories regarding the nature of early Roman imperialism.

Seminario Rotte Globali Tegel

Webinar: Rotte globali

Un progetto di storia globale e culturale della navigazione commerciale transoceanica

Lecture: Making Money in Republican Rome

by Prof. dr. Fleur Kemmers, Goethe Universität

Numismatics: Faces of Power

Coinage as a historical source in the Roman and early modern period


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Nascholingscursus: De interdisciplinaire Romereis

Latin Epigraphy

Latin Epigraphy on location

Tegel Narrazioni E Memorie 2022 Murales Artista Jerico

Narrazioni e Memorie di un’Italia divisa e postsecolare


Tavola Rotonda 16 Dicembre

Tavola rotonda: Resistere alla violenza: memorie, narrazioni e pratiche culturali

Evento in modalità ibrida
Finchelstein From Fascism To Populism

Public Lecture: Federico Finchelstein, On Why the History from the Margins is Central to Fascism and Populism

hybrid event
Tegel Public Lecture Testimonianze E Narrazioni Fra L’italia E L’america Latina

Tavola rotonda: Testimonianze e narrazioni fra l’Italia e l’America Latina

Evento in modalità ibrida
Knir Colloquium 14 16.12.2021 Photo Credits The Robert Capa And Cornell Capa Archive, The Life Magazine Collection

KNIR Colloquium: “Us versus Them”

Exploring Transatlantic Practices of Fascism(s) and Populism(s) from the Margins

This KNIR Colloquium is a joint initiative of dr. Maria Bonaria Urban (KNIR), dr. Monica Jansen and dr. Reindert Dhondt (Utrecht University), and explores the role of Europe’s fascist and far-right legacies in shaping models of authoritarian government and dictatorship in a global world where populism is on the rise.

Klassieken Tegel

Practicum: Mining Library Treasures

KNIR's Rare Books Collection
Hidden Pages

Projection of the documentary film “Hidden Pages”

Krd Deplano Afbeelding

KRD “Italian colonialism and the building of national belonging from XIX Century to the Republic”

KNIR Research Dialogues (KRD)



We Are the People

Transnational Imaginaries of (Anti-)Fascism and Populism
Hadrian Wall

Public Lecture: Decolonizing the Roman Frontiers

This lecture focuses upon heritage interpretation aimed at the public on the sections of the Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site within the UK (The Antonine Wall and Hadrian’s Wall) and can be followed live or online.

Knir Dialogue Falcucci

KRD “Italian Colonial Museums and Collections. Between History, Memory and Today’s Challenges”

KNIR Research Dialogues (KRD)
Header Raphael's Antiquity

Seminar: Raphael’s Antiquity

Raphael was a prominent member of a network that would have a dramatic impact on cultural history, including the most prominent humanists and antiquarians of the period. During this course we will look at the way Antiquity was interpreted by Raphael and his peers, and at the reception of Raphael’s antiquity by subsequent generations. Most of all we will discuss and visit the Roman works of the master himself, in painting, drawing, architecture and antiquarian scholarship.


Conference Vine Growing Tegel

Vine-growing and winemaking in the Roman world

A 3-day hybrid event in honor of Jean-Pierre Brun to discuss new data, trends and approaches to Roman viticulture and wine production.

Krd Marcy Norton Racoon Nieremberg

KRD “Indigenous Epistemology and Early Modern Science. Nahua Scholars and the Making of “De historia animalium Novae Hispaniae” (1571-1577)”

KNIR Research Dialogues (KRD)
Knir Colloquium Plaster Face Casts And The Heritage Of Colonialism And Racial Science

KNIR Colloquium: Plaster Face Casts and the Heritage of Colonialism and Racial Science

This year’s first colloquium has been organized by Fenneke Sysling (Leiden University) and will be held from 18 till 20 October. You are welcome to attend the public lecture Densità e opacità degli oggetti sensibili. Prospettive nella curatela delle collezioni coloniali by Rosa Anna Di Lella (Museo delle Civilità di Roma) on Tuesday 19 October at 17.00 CET at the institute.


Byzantine Rome

Unknown Archaeology and History of the Eternal City (400-1000 AD)
Workshop Year 1000 In Rome Tegel

Academic Workshop: The Year 1000 in Rome


Knir Debate

KNIR Debate

Skyline Rome Lijn

Zoomsessie: Van ‘zona rossa’ tot ‘Green Pass’. Tips voor een Romereis in 2021/2022

Toegang is gratis
Boekomslag Mafiopoli

Mafiopoli: Een zoektocht naar de ‘Ndrangheta, de machtigste maffia van Italië

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Archaeology Field School: Exploring Mountain Society in Ancient Samnium

Header Minor Rome Florence

Minor Program Rome-Florence


Header Mining Library Treasures

Practicum: Mining Library Treasures

Postponed to 23-30 August 2021


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Summer School: Cultures of Science and Art in Rome, 1400-1900

Postponed to 28 July – 6 August 2021

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Nascholingscursus De interdisciplinaire Romereis

Verplaatst naar 23-28 juli 2021

Plutarco 2

Keynote Lecture: The Theology of a Pagan Philosopher

Prof. Dr. Rainer Hirsch-Luipold (University of Bern)

Monday 12 July at 17.00h our visiting professor Rainer Hirsch-Luipold will present his current research on the fascinating pagan-religious thinker Plutarch of Chaeronea, who inspired creative minds such as Shakespeare, Montaigne, Schiller and even Beethoven. Please join us live (RSVP: or on Zoom.

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KRD “Ongoing Research Projects on the Mid-Republican Colonies of Rome in Southern Lazio and Sabina: Fregellae, Terracina and Cascia, Villa San Silvestro”

KNIR Research Dialogues (KRD)
Photo Of Coliseum Under Blue Sky 2678456 (1)

Summer School: Roma Caput Mundi


Krd Marjolijn Bol Afbeelding 2

KRD “Dynamics of the Durable. A History of Making Things Last in the Arts”

KNIR Research Dialogues (KRD)
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Seminar: Latin Epigraphy on Location

Postponed to 22 June – 1 July 2021


Seminar: Jesus’s Polymorphism in the Wider Context of Greco-Roman Religion


Aerial Archaeology Group

Field Practicum Mountain Archaeology: Survey, Aerial, Remote Sensing

Krd Mammone

KRD “Memory of the Risorgimento in the South: New Challenges”

KNIR Research Dialogues (KRD)
Aldrovandi's Knife

KRD “From Mexico to 16th-Century Italy: The Transatlantic Lives of Mesoamerican Artifacts”

KNIR Research Dialogues (KRD)


Des Aff A3 Corp Facult

Conference Augustine and the Humanists

Symposium Masterlanguage 23.04.2021 Website

Simposio Masterlanguage


Teatro Valle Website

KRD “Imagining Institutions Otherwise: Art, Politics, and State Transformation”

KNIR Research Dialogues (KRD)
Tegel Excavating National Pasts

Seminar: Excavating National Pasts

CANCELLED due to Covid-19

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Seminar: Early Roman Imperialism in the Making

Suspended due to Covid-19

Dcim/101media/dji 0812.jpg

KRD “About the Nuraghe: Colonialism and Rural Exploitation at S’Urachi, Sardinia”

KNIR Research Dialogues (KRD)


Plutarco 2

Masterclass: A Greek Philosopher and Priest of Apollo in Rome. Plutarch’s Religious Philosophy and its Impact on Christian Thinking


Header Rcm Winterschool

Winter School: Roma Caput Mundi




Garden Day

Opening academic year 20-21

Header Website Mountain Society

Practicum: Exploring Mountain Society in Ancient Samnium

In this field school, you explore the archaeology of mountain society with a small, international team in mountain sites in the Apennines.


Call for Papers: Workshop Cultural Exchange, Interaction and Innovation in Early Sixteenth-Century Venice

The Interdisciplinary Artistic Milieu of Silvestro Ganassi