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Eerste semester 2022-2023

Header Minor Rome Florence

Minor Program Rome-Florence

What distinguishes this Minor is the on-site teaching, where Bachelor students are invited to always take into account the first-hand observation of objects, locations, urbanistics and social contexts. In all its courses, students are trained in documenting and analysing visual materials and performative practices in the Roman and Florentine contexts.

Archaeological Field Work: Exploring Mountain Society in Ancient Samnium (Molise)

International Summer School: Shakespeare’s Rome (SRISS)

The SRISS is held in English and opens for the first time a double track: one for undergraduate students (BA) and one for post-graduate students (MA, PhDs, Postdocs, ESL teachers). Participants will be provided with appropriate methodological tools which will help them to develop a specific competence on Shakespeare’s Rome within an intercultural and interdisciplinary perspective.
Plaatje Epideictic

Seminar: Reasoning to Believe

This PhD/Research Master course will concentrate on early modern sermons, a genre of tremendous impact on European culture not just in the period of the Reformation but throughout. We will lecture on the practice of sermons in the period 1200-1650 throughout and beyond Europe, concentrating on the Roman scene: where, when and how were sermons held?

Seminar: Raphael’s Antiquity


Seminar: Collecting the World in Rome

Tweede semester 2022-2023

Narrazioni e Memorie di un’Italia divisa

Plaatje Roma Aeterna

Interdisciplinaire Romereis

Tegel Contested History, Memory And Museums

Seminar: Contested History, Memory and Museums