Eerste semester 2023-2024

Klassieken Tegel

Course: Mining Library Treasures

Discovering Rome in KNIR's Rare Books Collection

Tweede semester 2023-2024

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Course: Interdisciplinaire Romereis

Verdiepende nascholingscursus in Rome voor docenten in het voortgezet onderwijs

Course: Narrazioni e Memorie di un’Italia divisa

Arte e attivismo come pratiche di cittadinanza
Foto Epigrafie Groot Vierkant

Course: Latin Epigraphy on location


Course: Excavating National Pasts

Rome and the (Trans) National Archaeologies of Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Graff Itcommodilla Catacombs

Course: Writing on the Margins. Graffiti in Italy (7th-16th century)

Melozzo Da Forlì

Spring School: Neo-Latin Literature in and about Rome

Challenging Eternity

Course: Challenging Eternity

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Constantijn En Rome Banner

Course: Constantijn en Rome

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Summer School: Roma Caput Mundi

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Eerste semester 2024-2025

Tegel Minor

Minor Program Rome-Florence: Italian Art & History

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Nnc 1939 0128 Denarius Septimius Severus, Rome, 202 210, Kz. Keizer Offerend Ric Iv. 308

Course: Coins and the sacred in Roman and Early Modern times

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Collecting the world in Rome

Course: Collecting the World in Rome

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