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International Workshop on the Importance of Salt-production in Antiquity

Salt and Power. Early States, Rome and Resource Control

International experts from various disciplinary backgrounds are brought together to present and discuss the current state of research related to a diverse set of research topics concerning salt.

Public Lectures Dutch Diplomacy And Venice

Public Lectures: Dutch Diplomacy and Venice

The Making of Dutch Diplomacy in the Seventeenth Century and the letters of the first Venetian envoy in the Hague (1616-1623)
Header Knir Art Dialogue (postma En Onkruidenier

KNIR Art Dialogue

On Observing Plants and Exploring Imagination in Art and Science: De Onkruidenier and Marjo Postma on their work in Rome

Artists and scientists have always found each other in the exploration and investigation of the natural world. The activities of Renaissance artists were sometimes even indistinguishable of those of naturalists. For contemporary Dutch artists Jonmar van Vlijmen, Rosanne van Wijk, Ronald de Boer – who together form the collective de Onkruidenier and Marjo Postma, the study of and experimentation with nature remain fundamental parts of their work. In this first KNIR Art Dialogue, de Onkruidenier and Postma, who are current and past KNIR Artists in Residence, respectively, will reflect on their own and each other’s work, and discuss themes related to the art-science relationship with the audience.

Krd Gaillemin Tegel Med Palatino 220 0439

KRD “The Three Narratives of the Florentine Codex: Discrepancies and Complementarity between Texts and Images”

KNIR Research Dialogues (KRD)


Plaatje Epideictic

Workshop: Reasoning to Believe

Epideictic Rhetoric and the Early Modern Sermon


Tegel Workshop Anchoring Ancient Colonization Parthenon

Workshop “Anchoring Ancient Colonization”

Practices Of Privacy

Symposium Practices of Privacy