KNIR Scholarships

An important part of the KNIR mission is to support the research of (Research) Master students, (external) PhD-students and postdoctoral researchers who are enrolled/working at one of our partner universities (RUG, RU, UU, UL, UvA, VU). Therefore, twice a year the KNIR makes a considerable number of scholarships available to these groups of young researchers to enable a research stay at the KNIR.

In addition, we offer scholarships to (R)MA students who have graduated and want to prepare a research proposal for a PhD position (e.g. NWO or Faculty positions). We equally offer scholarships for PhD students whose PhD manuscript has been accepted, and who want to prepare a research proposal for a Postdoc position (e.g. NWO Rubicon, Veni or Marie Curie scholarships).

Graduated students and young doctors are eligible for such scholarships after they have graduated or finished their PhD thesis at one of our partner universities, and/or are planning to do their PhD or Postdoc at one of these universities.

With these scholarships we aim to further the career prospects of current as well as former (PhD)-students of our partner universities and promote the internationalisation of Dutch academia.

During your stay you will have your own room, a shared kitchen and living room, as well as 24/7 access to the library. You will be appointed a supervisor from one of the staff members. You will be part of our academic community and participate in the various events organized at the KNIR.

The specific conditions of our scholarships (including the length of the research stay and additional allowances) depend on the category of students or researchers to which you belong. For more detailed information and requirements, see the separate scholarship pages.

Application and Selection
The deadlines for applications are 15 May (for the 1st semester) and 15 November (for the 2nd semester). The results will follow no later than one month after the deadline. If your scholarship is granted, you are asked to accept the grant and confirm the period of your research stay within 1 week.

When selecting applicants, we look at your motivation, the benefit of a stay at the KNIR for your research, the quality of your research proposal, your CV, and your contribution to the KNIR academic community.


Special scholarships and prizes

Apart from our KNIR scholarships, we also offer some special scholarships, as well as prizes that also include (the possibility for) a research stay at the KNIR. These scholarships are awarded less regularly than the KNIR scholarships, so keep a close look at the next deadlines.

The RMO National Museum of Antiquities Scholarship
Since 2016, the KNIR and the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden (RMO) annually offer a scholarship to young researchers with a (R)MA degree in Archaeology, (Art) History, Classics or Museum Studies, allowing them to do research at the KNIR. The scholarship can be used, for example, for  preparing a PhD-project proposal, or writing an article, provided that it is related to one of the collecting areas of the National Museum of Antiquities. The RMO scholarships have a duration of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 weeks. The next deadline is 15 November 2023. For more information see here.

Ted Meijer Prize
The Ted Meijer Prize, named after the former director of the KNIR who passed away in 1997, is awarded once a year for the best (R)MA  or PhD thesis in the field of the humanities, in relation to Italy and Rome in particular. The prize provides the winner with the opportunity to embark upon a next step in their research for 12 weeks in Rome. The deadline was 15 November 2023. For more information see here.

Van Woudenberg prize
The Van Woudenberg Dissertation Prize is awarded once every 2 years by the Friends of the KNIR to a researcher who recently obtained his or her PhD and has used a stay at the KNIR in an inspiring way for his or her PhD research. The prize consists of a cash prize of €2,500, of which €1,000 can be used at will. The rest of the amount (€1,500) is intended to organize a workshop at the KNIR, or can be used for a research stay at the KNIR in preparation of a postdoctoral project. The next deadline is TBA. For more information see here.