Exhibition: The “Portabandiera” of Siena

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From 3 June until 31 July 2024, an exhibition featuring photos from the Luijdjens archive, one of the special collections of KNIR, is on show. Following previous small exhibitions themed around Rome, Lazio, and St. Nicolas, this exhibition showcases twelve
black-and-white photos of the so-called portabandiera (banner carriers) from the various districts of Siena, who
compete in the famous Palio.

Jan Bernard Gijsman, volunteer at our library, did preliminary research for this exhibition. He sent the photos, taken around 1900-1910 by an unknown photographer, to museums in Siena for further information. The research revealed that one portabandiera, Giulio Nepi from the Torre district, is shown in a costume designed in 1879, which he wore at the funeral of King Umberto I in 1900 (see photo above). Additionally, eight color postcards from the series I 17 Paggi delle Storiche Contrade di Siena, published in 1910, are on display.

The exhibition is open to the public until July 31, 2024 during opening hours of the library. RSVP: info@knir.it