The library will be closed for external visitors the whole month of August. The academic staff will be back at the KNIR from 1 September.


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Dr. Tesse Stek

Maria Urban

Dr. Maria Bonaria Urban

Matthijs Jonker

Dr. Matthijs Jonker

Susanna De Beer

Dr. Susanna de Beer

Rl H Knir Staff 31

Dr. Rita Landeweerd

Asker Pelgrom

Dr. Asker Pelgrom

Knir Staff#2 05

Agnieszka Konkol

Knir Staff#2 03

Charlotte Peters

Fz H Knir Staff 23

Frianne Zevenbergen, MA


Mirjam Hinrichs

Knir Staff#2 19mod

Janet Mente, BA

Ac H Knir Staff 26

Angelo Coccarelli

Dg H Knir Staff 34

Diana Giofrè, LLM BA

Mb H Knir Staff 36

Mohammed Boukasse

Fm H Knir Staff 29

Fernando Maggi

Cs H Knir Staff 37

Cinzia Sorrentino