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Online Digital Field Survey Archaeology (3rd edition)

Under the supervision of Dr. Anita Casarotto (KNIR Fellow) you will collect, systematise in databases, and digitise in GIS a good sample of legacy survey data and information from landscape survey projects conducted in Italy and Iberia around (early) Roman towns. You will furthermore assist researchers working there with their data publications in Fasti Online Survey, and take care of the data archiving.

Narrazioni e Memorie di un’Italia divisa

Latin Epigraphy on location


Numismatics: Faces of Power

Coinage as a historical source in the Roman and early modern period

Early Roman Imperialism in the Making


Call for Papers: Workshop Cultural Exchange, Interaction and Innovation in Early Sixteenth-Century Venice

The Interdisciplinary Artistic Milieu of Silvestro Ganassi

Summer School: Cultures of Science and Art in Rome, 1400-1900

Heritage and Memory Theory


Excavating National Pasts

Rome and the (Trans) National Archaeologies of Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries


Summer School: Roma Caput Mundi


Minor Program Rome-Florence