Knir Dialogues With Directors

Roman Museum Legacies: Dialogue with Andrea Viliani, Director of the Museo delle Civiltà

KNIR Dialogues with Directors

Workshop: Knowledge and Confusion about Exotic Animals in the European Renaissance

Belgien, Brüssel, Parade Vor Dem Schloss

Occupied. Towards a Comparative and Entangled History of Occupation in the Age of Total War

KNIR Colloquium


1842 6 Roma Negata S&r Cop 21 14 Layout 1

Invisible Cities: Postcolonial Rome in dialogue with Venice and Palermo

Roundtable with Igiaba Scego, Sandra Ponzanesi, Alessandra di Maio and Shaul Bassi
Frantz Fanon At A Press Conference During A Writers' Conference In Tunis, 1959, Wikimedia Commons

Workshop: The Second Congress of Black Writers and Artists, 65 years later

Dag Van Rome 2024

Dag van Rome 2024