The educational mission of the KNIR is to inspire students and early career researchers to explore the potential of carrying out research in Rome and Italy. Here they can delve into the influence and significance of Italy and Italian culture in the past and present, both in Italy and beyond. We encourage these students and researchers to navigate the immense knowledge and unique resources available from some of the most authoritative institutions in Rome such as the national museums, archives and Vatican collections. We do this through on-site education and research opportunities at the KNIR.

In our small-scale, intensive courses, we aim to introduce students to the vast reservoir of knowledge that Rome has built up over many centuries. This reservoir of knowledge consists of monuments, buildings, museums, universities, libraries, archives and other international institutes. Certainly, education focuses not only on the transfer of knowledge but also on acquiring conceptual insights, academic skills and practical research methods.

Education at KNIR is primarily related to the location: so that students can experience, see, study and/or dig up the place, the objects, monuments, buildings, landscapes on their own.

Education at the KNIR always involves the integration of education and research. This does not only apply to the courses but learning and research go hand in hand also in projects, internships and traineeships.

Education at KNIR is intensive: you learn a lot within a short time. The 24/7 availability of the library and the new material culture lab contribute greatly to this.

Education challenges and activates you: there is a lot of mutual interaction between lecturer and student and among students; the quality of these relationships contributes enormously to the learning experience.


Read and hear what students before you think of our education.

Read here the exhibition review that was written by Chenyixue Ma as student of the course Collecting the World in Rome 2022. The title is “To our shared vulnerability: An exhibition review of La Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome”.

“I’ve learned a lot at this Summer School and now look at heritage and Rome in quite a different way. The approaches of this course have enriched my study (history). The expertise of the lecturers is enormous. Every one of them has a different area of specialisation, which allows students to become acquainted with various disciplines.”
Roma Caput Mundi Summer School 2019

“Wonderful course that gives you a thorough understanding of the possibilities and – maybe more important – the
limitations of coins as a historical source. Enjoyed the inclusion of different debates in the field.” Coins and the City 2019

“This course was an amazing rollercoaster experience of Rome, the KNIR, and (Italian) book
history. The assignments are challenging, while the excursions are really helpful (and fun) to
understand the assignments.”
Mining Library Treasures 2019

“A very interesting and broad subject! Good and fun examples,
interesting guest lectures and educational excursions.”
Minor Program Rome Florence Italian Art & History 2020 – Italian Worlds of Knowledge


Check out our educational opportunities on offer and come to Rome for an unforgettable learning experience.