The educational mission of the KNIR is to inspire students and early career researchers to explore the potential of carrying out research in Rome and Italy. Here they can delve into the influence and significance of Italy and Italian culture in the past and present, both in Italy and beyond.

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Education at KNIR is intensive: you learn a lot within a short time. The 24/7 availability of the library and the new material culture lab contribute greatly to this.

Education challenges and activates you: there is a lot of mutual interaction between lecturer and student and among students; the quality of these relationships contributes enormously to the learning experience.


Read and hear what students think of our education.

Read here the exhibition review that was written by Chenyixue Ma as student of the course Collecting the World in Rome 2022. The title is “To our shared vulnerability: An exhibition review of La Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome”.

«The KNIR is a comfortable, remarkable, resourceful place for a research trip in Rome and I would
recommend it to any young or advanced scholar with such a need in Italy. Thank you for hosting us!»
Challenging Eternity 2023

«I thought the course was very interesting and educational. I feel like I learned a lot and the
experience as a whole really made an impact on my understanding of the subject.»
Myth and Imperialism in the Roman Republic 2023

«De excursies waren echt van onschatbare waarde in hoe ze bijdragen aan de cursus.
Heel gevarieerd en leerzaam en steeds weer even relevant voor de theorie.»
Narrazioni e memorie di un’Italia divisa 2023

«This course was really wonderful and i learned a lot! I found it very well organized and thought-through.
It’s really helped me define my own interest and my research. Sietske & Samir were especially
knowledgeable, encouraging, and enthusiastic, which made the course really amazing!»
Summer School Cultures of Science and Art in Rome 2023

«The team staff has been wonderful and helpful all the time. In my opinion, one of the best I have ever worked with.»
Practicum Drones over ancient Samnium 2023


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