KNIR Debates

During a study or research stay at the KNIR, you will have ample opportunity for individual study and research. The real added value of your stay comes as a result of the academic community of researchers, students and staff, who stay and work at our institute. The exchange of knowledge and ideas, discussions of ongoing research and learning from each other are central to this.

These elements come together in the KNIR Debates that we organize every two weeks at the KNIR. During these debates, our scholarship holders present their ongoing research to the other guests and the staff of the KNIR. These are informal meetings where the emphasis is on learning and inspiring each other. The presentations are not a summary of the research project, but rather an opportunity to put a key problem or question before those present. The discussion afterwards, introduced by a fellow student, forms the core of these meetings. The constructive feedback of the participants during the discussion helps the students and young researchers to advance their research.

The KNIR Debates are crucial to our research activities. It goes without saying that all our students and guests staying at the KNIR participate and actively contribute to them.