Welcome to our laboratory

The KNIR lab for Material Culture Studies and Digital Analysis has been developed to allow for the study, documentation, conservation and restoration of all kinds of artefacts from the different fields of expertise of researchers working at the KNIR (ancient studies & archaeology, history, art history, cultural heritage, book science, museum studies). Facilities and instruments at disposal for lab users include, among others, a microscope, wireless colour reader, drawing tablet, photo box, camera tripod, photo scanner, sink and water, height-adjustable work tables, extendable shelves for storing find boxes and display cases for objects. The lab has been designed for working safely with chemical solvents that can be used for preservation and restoration purposes.

Besides the equipment needed for analysing and preserving objects, the lab also disposes of two workstations and several high-end devices for collecting and analysing geospatial data, forming a fully equipped digital lab. All computers are outfitted with the most commonly used software packages for GIS spatial analysis, structure-from-motion and 3D modelling, and graphic design.

The lab offers excellent opportunities for students and junior researchers to get acquainted with or further develop their practical skills and knowledge on how to work with material culture and digital data. For this goal, a series of apposite courses and internships are developed on, for instance, working with different types of ceramics, or drone aerial photography, satellite imagery, and field data processing for the study of landscapes, cities, sites, buildings, monuments and objects.


© Photo: Kee-Lou Ooyman