Call for Applications: KNIR Colloquia

The KNIR aims to be a place of inspiration and meeting for academics at all stages of their scientific careers. University lecturers often have lots of teaching obligations and few opportunities to gain external means of research. The KNIR Colloquia are for them. These are closed, small-scale research meetings (expert meetings) in Rome, facilitated and funded by the KNIR. During these three-day intensive work conferences, early and mid-career scientists can strengthen their research profiles and boost their research.

The KNIR organises up to three Colloquia each year with no more than fifteen participants. All university lecturers working at an NWIB university can apply for this. The selection of candidates focuses on the quality of the application, on motivation and on the relationship with KNIR, Rome and/or Italy.

See here for more information about the conditions for submission and applications.