FUTURISMOON – Presentation of Irma Boom’s BAV AGENDA 2023

Myth and Imperialism in the Roman Republic

It is well known that empires use myths to legitimize power claims and structures and as such provide historical and divine justification for the existing societal order. The Roman empire was no exemption to this rule, as is for example clearly attested in Virgil’s Aeneid. Apart from legitimization of power, myths also function to (re)produce...

Deadline: 9 January 2023

Date: 13 March - 22 March 2023

Latin Epigraphy on location

This course offers an intensive introduction into Latin epigraphy from the Republican period up until Late Antiquity and is aimed at the acquisition and application of practical research skills in epigraphic research. The approach and focus of this course is strongly interdisciplinary with attention being paid to philological, socio-linguistic, literary, archaeological, and legal aspects of...

Deadline: 4 December 2022

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The Royal Netherlands Institute Rome is the oldest and largest of the Dutch Scientific Institutes abroad. We serve as an important bridge between the Dutch and Italian academic community and the extensive international academic community present in Rome.

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The Royal Netherlands Institute Rome is the centre of an active, inspiring and challenging academic community. The academic staff, students and researchers in Rome are associated with a large group of fellow academics and alumni in the Netherlands, Italy and worldwide. What binds them is the common scientific interest in the wealth and diversity of the Mediterranean world, in particular Rome and Italy, from the Bronze Age to the present.