Internships: Remote Sensing and Aerial Archaeology

Location: partially online and on location at the KNIR in Rome

Description of the internship
KNIR offers 2 to 3 internships on the interpretation of remote sensing data and aerial archaeology. With a small team you will work together on the digital elaboration and interpretation of remote sensing data from the research project in the Tappino area in Molise. This landscape archaeological project aims to reconstruct the settlement dynamics of mountain society from the Bronze Age to the late Roman period in this southern part of Apennine Italy. At the basis of the project is a detailed field survey dataset, supplemented by geophysical and aerial/satellite imagery.

Remote Sensing 2

As an intern, you will learn to work with different types of (digital) data and software packages such as QGIS and Metashape, and how to integrate the data with other archaeological information to form a unified interpretation of the sites and landscapes under study. A large part of the aerial data has been collected during previous KNIR field work campaigns in Molise such as the recent Drones over ancient Samnium campaign in Spring 2023. Candidates with experience in working on historical photography, landscape reconstruction, photogrammetry and aerial archaeology in general will have an edge, but previous experience is not required.

Part of the internship can be accomplished from home, which will be complemented with a research stay of circa 2 weeks at KNIR to finalize the end results as a group.


Samengevoegde Foto's Studenten Ah Werk


KNIR offers: interns will be awarded a compensation of 70 euros per week for the duration of the entire internship, as well as travel costs to and from Rome up to 100 euros (in case you travel by train, we will compensate your travel expenses up to 120 euros) and free accommodation at the KNIR.

Period: the internships run for the period December 2023 and January 2024 (to be established with the coordinator but with a minimum of 4 weeks).

Credits: 5-10 EC, according to the standard hour rate and depending on the length of the internship.

Apply before
15 October 2023

More info
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