Corporate collections

Art market dynamics, corporate strategies, and public support for the arts

The project Corporate collections as emerging heritage: Art market dynamics, corporate strategies, and public support for the arts, funded by NWO, analyses how corporate collecting functions as a source of signals to different audiences, including museums and other actors on the art market and both internal and external stakeholders of the collecting organizations. The responses of these different groups can interact, reinforcing the overall effect of corporate collecting on longer-term developments in art fields and public policy towards art. Specific behaviour of corporate collectors – for instance the extent to which they exhibit (digitally or physically) their collections to the broader public – will further moderate artist’s careers and the reception of their work in the long run. This project thus serves the understanding of the dynamics of corporate collections as guardians of emergent heritage, within the larger debate on heritage management, museum collections and creative industry.

Coordination: dr. Arno Witte

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