Sanne Hoekstra, BSc

Pre-MA student in Archaeology and Pre-MBA student in Health


Universiteit: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Sanne obtained her bachelors degree in pharmacy at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen during which she focused her extracurricular activities and minor on mediterranean archaeology. Now she’s persuing her studies with a pre-master in archaeology and business in health, while continuing a masters in pharmacy. She followed the Roma Caput Mundi course in 2023 and had/has the opportunity to stay at the KNIR to do research for her latest thesis focusing on opium use in the ancient Roman world and the Italian renaissance period, bringing archaeology and pharmacy one step closer together. Sanne is very enthusiastic about all the opportunities the institute has to offer for students, as well as the city of Rome, and will gladly inform you about them, so feel free to send her a message!