Republican Empire

The Ideological Origins of Dutch Colonialism

The project Republican Empire explored the ideological origins of early-modern Dutch colonialism by analysing how seventeenth-century Dutch conceptions of imperial rule appropriated the ambiguous model of the republican empire of Ancient Rome.

Conferences organized in the framework of this project:

Machiavelli’s Heirs. Humanism, Tacitism and Reason of State in the Dutch Republic (25-26 November 2011)

Imagining the Ancients. Republics and the Classical Past, 1500-1800 (14-15 November 2013)

Divergent discourses on Roman Colonization: Sigonius, Lipsius, and the Development of Roman Colonial Studies  (11 December 2015)

Visions of Empire in Dutch History from the early-modern period to the 21st century (29-30 September 2016)


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