KNIR Ambasciatori

The KNIR ambassadors are young researchers who represent the institute in the Netherlands. All have been guests of KNIR as students or fellows and know the ins and outs of the institute. The KNIR ambassadors make KNIR visible at Dutch universities and help make the institute’s programmes and activities better known in the Netherlands. In doing so, they target not only students and researchers, but also a wider audience. In recent years, the ambassadors organised the Night of Rome in Amsterdam four times with great success and the online event Rome from Afar twice. On 2 July 2022, KNIR ambassadors organised the successful event the “Day of Rome” at the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam.
All their activities aim to promote the cohesion of the academic community formed in Rome and offer the opportunity to get to know the special character and objectives of the Institute more closely both in Italy and in the Netherlands. The ambassadors thus contribute to raising KNIR’s profile as an international place where talent is fostered.


Anna van der Weij, MA

Arjan Ruiter, MA

Daphne Dake, BA

Demi Storm, BA

Julia Alting, MA

Lola van der Made, MA

Louis Verreth, MA

Myrthe Kuiper, BA

Noah Westeneng

Kret, Patricia

Patricia Kret, MA

Sjoerd Ramackers, BA

Stijn Timmermans, MA