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Since 2016, the KNIR and the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden (RMO) annually offer a scholarship to young researchers with a MA degree in Archaeology, (Art) History, Classics or Museum Studies, allowing them to do research at the KNIR.

You can apply for a RMO Scholarship when:
1. You are an archaeologist or (art) historian.
2. You have recently graduated at one of our partner universities (RUG, UL, UvA, VU, UL, UU).
3. Your research is related to one of the collecting areas of the National Museum of Antiquities.

The RMO Scholarship consists in:
1. Free lodging at the KNIR during the period of your scholarship.
2. An allowance of maximum €3000,- (for a scholarship of 12 weeks/ €1000,- per month) for your general expenses during your scholarship in Rome.
3. A one-time reimbursement of maximum €500,- for your travelling expenses to Rome.

How to apply for a RMO Scholarship?
You can apply by completing the application form below, selecting “Scholarship National Museum of Antiquities”. Please do not forget to attach the following documents:
1. a motivation letter (maximum of 4 pages) stating the following:
• Personal motivation
• Title of the research
• Hypothesis and abstract
• Relation with the collection areas of the RMO
• Sources available in Rome or surroundings
• Schedule
• Expected results (article, funding, dissertation, etc.)
2. a recent cv.
3. a certificate of your university Master’s degree.

The academic staff will assess your application and will mainly look at your motivation, the quality of the research proposal and of the applicant and the added value of your stay with us in relation with the collection areas of the RMO.

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