Rome is the quintessential international city. Since Antiquity, the city has been a nexus of diverse cultures and a communis patria for travellers and scholars from around the world.

Rome still fulfills that role, as the self-styled città madre of Western civilization and home to dozens of cultural and academic institutions and academies, united in the Unione Internazionale degli Istituti di Archeologia Storia e Storia dell’Arte in Rome. Together, these institutions form a unique scholarly infrastructure unmatched anywhere in the world. No other city can boast such a rich tradition and incredible diversity of international cooperation.

colosseum and the arch of constantine

The KNIR plays an important role in this process of exchange between Rome and the global academic community. For centuries, scholars and artists have travelled from the Netherlands to the Eternal City to explore its cultural treasures and experience its international dynamic. Prominent purveyors of culture, from Erasmus to Escher, spent time in Rome, studying and seeking inspiration.

The KNIR is continuing that tradition in the twenty-first century, and giving new generations the opportunity to broaden their international experience and become the culture bearers of the future.