About the KNIR

The Royal Netherlands Institute Rome (KNIR) is one of the five Dutch Academic Institutes abroad (NWIB). Since its foundation in 1904, we have been an important place for Dutch and international researchers and students to work and meet.
We see it as our task to inspire and support students and researchers in their studies of Rome, Italy and the influence and significance of Italy and Italian culture in the past and present, in Italy and beyond, through on-site research and training in Rome. We organise courses for students of all levels and programmes and make grants and accommodation in Rome available to students and researchers working on topics revolving around Rome and its vast academic resources.

The KNIR conduces knowledge exchange and debate between the Dutch and Italian academic communities as well as the extensive international academic network present in Rome. With us, Dutch scientists and students can get acquainted with the Italian scientific world, which often has different traditions, practices and habits, and which has built up an enormous pool of knowledge in Rome over the course of many centuries. Our staff has an extensive network, with which we actively help Dutch scientists to find their ways and establish contacts. The great significance of Rome as a hub of knowledge is not only a valuable basis for research, but also an essential element in the education we provide.

We are located in a stately villa near the park Villa Borghese. There we have excellent teaching and research facilities, such as our special library collection and the recently opened material culture lab.

Students and researchers can stay with us for short or longer periods. We have multi-person rooms with a total of 22 sleeping places for students and 10 individual rooms for grant holders and researchers. They have a work place in the library at disposal, which is open 24/7.