Mapping the Via Appia

Research Team
Stefan Mols, RU – Project leader; general coordination
Eric Moormann, RU – Project director; director of inventory of architecture and archival research
Jeremia Pelgrom, KNIR – Co-director from KNIR; excavation director; survey director
Christel Veen, RU – Excavation director
Maurice de Kleijn, VU (SPINlab) – Researcher 3D GIS
Steven Soetens, VUB (IGBA) – Geophysics; GIS
Rens de Hond, RU – PhD student; GIS; database management
Corine Tetteroo, KNIR – research assistant; survey
Frank Beijaard, RU – research assistant; GIS; 3D applications; data management
Affiliated Researchers

Helke Kammerer-Grothaus, Universität Bremen
Ryan Niemeijer, RU – pottery analysis
Filippo Salamone – pottery analysis
Rita Paris, Archaeological Service of Rome
Antonella Rotondi, Archaeological Service of Rome
Krien Clevis – Artist researcher, see also www.knir.it/nl/krien-clevis/

Funding and Involved Institutes
RU (Nijmegen), Department of Classics
VU (Amsterdam), IGBA; SPINlab, research institute CLUE
NWO (Investeringssubsidie middelgroot)
Brandeis University, Department of Classical Studies (Waltham, Massachusetts, USA)
Archaeological Service of  Rome
German Archaeological Institute, Rome