Daniel Pereira Sardinha, MA

PhD student in Archaeology

Werkzaam bij het KNIR: 4 February - 25 February 2024

E-mailadres: d.l.pereira.sardinha@rug.nl

Universiteit: University of Groningen

Greetings! My name is Daniel Sardinha, and I’m a PhD student at the University of Groningen (Institute of Archaeology). I studied Archaeology at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of NOVA University of Lisbon, where I obtained my bachelor’s degree. I continued my studies at the same institution, where I went on to obtain my master’s degree on the topic of High Medieval occupations of caves in the Portuguese region of Estremadura, where I made use of Geographic Information Technologies to aid the development of my thesis. I went on to work as a field archaeologist in many regions of Portugal, and I am also a research member of IEM (Institute of Medieval Studies of NOVA FCSH), through which I conducted much of my master’s research. My current interests are focused on the use of Legacy Data, GIS, and Remote Sensing in Archaeology, to better understand the settlement patterns of early roman occupations of Hispania.

I recently started my PhD project which is part of the KNIR & GIA research project “The impact of Roman imperialism in the West: settlement dynamics and rural organization in Iron Age and Roman Portugal”, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Tesse Stek, and Dr. Anita Casarotto. In my thesis I aim to make use of legacy data as a basis for the study of settlement dynamics during the early roman colonization of the interior region of Lusitania. This will be achieved through the application of Landscape Archaeology techniques, mainly through automatic search and identification models of archaeological sites, with the goal of understanding the impact of roman conquest and the integration of this territory within the rest of the roman Hispania. I also aim to develop a SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure), as a means to make the results of the research easy to access.