KNIR Research Dialogues

This semester we will start with the KNIR Research Dialogues: a lecture and discussion series in which international scholars present cutting-edge research about topics related to the institute’s core research themes. The KNIR Research Dialogues will be held once a month on Wednesdays from 17.00-18.00 p.m. Due to Covid-restrictions the series will start in an online version via Zoom. We hope to be able to organize the Dialogues at the KNIR in the presence of the speakers and a live audience as soon as possible.

KNIR Research Dialogues Programme Spring Semester

3 March

Peter van Dommelen, Brown University
About the Nuraghe: Colonialism and Rural Exploitation at S’Urachi, Sardinia
Watch here the video on YouTube.

31 March

Chiara De Cesari and Aria Spinelli, University of Amsterdam
Imagining Institutions Otherwise: Art, Politics, and State Transformation
Watch here the video on YouTube.

12 May

Davide Domenici, University of Bologna
From Mexico to 16th-Century Italy: The Transatlantic Lives of Mesoamerican Artifacts

26 May

Andrea Mammone, Royal Holloway London
Memory of the Risorgimento in the South: New Challenges

23 June

Marjolijn Bol, Utrecht University
Dynamics of the Durable. A History of Making Things Last in the Arts

7 July

Francesca Diosono, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Ongoing Research Projects on the Mid-Republican Colonies of Rome in Southern Lazio and Sabina: Fregellae, Terracina and Cascia, Villa San Silvestro