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International Workshop on the Importance of Salt-production in Antiquity

Salt and Power. Early States, Rome and Resource Control

International experts from various disciplinary backgrounds are brought together to present and discuss the current state of research related to a diverse set of research topics concerning salt.

Public Lectures: Dutch Diplomacy and Venice

The Making of Dutch Diplomacy in the Seventeenth Century and the letters of the first Venetian envoy in the Hague (1616-1623)

KRD “The Three Narratives of the Florentine Codex: Discrepancies and Complementarity between Texts and Images”

KNIR Research Dialogues (KRD)

Seminar: Reasoning to Believe

Epideictic Rhetoric and the Early Modern Sermon

This PhD/Research Master course will concentrate on early modern sermons, a genre of tremendous impact on European culture not just in the period of the Reformation but throughout. We will lecture on the practice of sermons in the period 1200-1650 throughout and beyond Europe, concentrating on the Roman scene: where, when and how were sermons held?


Seminar: Raphael’s Antiquity

Seminar: Collecting the World in Rome

Rome is home to almost one hundred museums and countless collections from the four corners of the worlds. How did these collections of ethnographical, natural and archaeological objects come about and what do they reveal about Rome’s and Italy’s engagement with the expanding world, its colonies in Africa, and the ‘New’ World after 1492?


Symposium Practices of Privacy

In occasione del Symposium Academiae Belgicae del 2022, vi invitiamo a presentare una proposta di contributo entro l'11 settembre 2022. Il tema del simposio è l'uso del dialogo nei campi della prima arte moderna e della scienza. Attraverso questo simposio cerchiamo di sviluppare un metodo per l’utilizzo di alcuni elementi del dialogo all'interno degli studi sulla privacy.

Workshop “Anchoring Ancient Colonization”

Practicum: Mining Library Treasures

KNIR's Rare Books Collection


Narrazioni e Memorie di un’Italia divisa

Roma laboratorio di Storia/storie


Latin Epigraphy on location


Seminar: Contested History, Memory and Museums

Ennio Quirino Visconti and His Role in the ‘Second Roman Republic’ under Napoleon Rule

Summer School: Cultures of Science and Art in Rome, 1400-1900