Seminar: Confronting the Classics

The Ancient Past in Modern Rome & Athens

Date: 16-29 April 2018

Deadline for applications: 1 March 2018

We are happy to announce that, after its succesful launch in 2015, the third NIA-KNIR BA/MA course “Confronting the Classics” will take place in April 2018. For this interdisciplinary course, KNIR and NIA join forces with their colleagues from the Swedish Institutes in Rome and Athens to offer the participants an even more diverse and challenging program.
The two cities are considered to be the birthplaces of the West, heralds of art, philosophy and civilization and timeless representatives of democracy and empire. At the same time, they are the capitals of relatively young nations with turbulent recent histories. What is the significance of antiquity in this modern context?

In this course we will confront Rome with Athens and thus confront the classics in our modern world. Spending one week in each city, we will discuss the international lure of ancient heritage from the Grand Tour to mass tourism, discover the impact of archaeology on contemporary cityscapes, and analyse the political uses of the classical past from Napoleon to the European Union.

Topics of research and discussion range from nationalist, totalitarian and universalist narratives and uses of the ancient past, to strategies of preservation, reconstruction and musealisation of classical heritage.

Click here for more information and registration (deadline postponed to 1 March).