Practicum: Material Culture

Material Culture of the Republican Period

Date: 8-26 February 2016

Deadline for application: 30 November 2015

Practicum in Rome for MA/ReMa students

In this KNIR-practicum, MA students in archaeology and related disciplines will gain hands-on experience processing and analyzing material culture of the Republican period coming from the territory of Ciampino, a town situated just to the southeast of the city of Rome. Recognizing the importance of this area to our understanding of the Roman suburbium, recently a new research project was started, entitled ‘The Ciampino project’ that aims to study the long-term developments in settlement and infrastructure within the communal area of Ciampino. The basis for this study is provided by archaeological materials that have emerged during the last decade from a number of rescue excavations ahead of construction works in the area that have until now remained largely unpublished. The study will result in a PhD thesis by Agnese Fischetti (RuG), who has supervised most of the relevant fieldwork.

Students will be involved in the various stages of the processing of archaeological materials (washing, sorting, drawing, describing and photographing and restoration) from two spectacular contexts: firstly the site of Marcandreola, situated near the famous villa of Voconio Pollione, where two parallel roads, one probably representing the ancient via Castrimeniense, have been unearthed. Along these roads many tombs have been excavated, as well as two votive deposits, dating to the Republican period. In between them a large monumental trapezoidal-shaped cistern was re-used as a dump for over 100 large fragments of peperino and marble artefacts (architectural elements, statues, sarcophagi and inscriptions). Also at the second site, called Romana Vecchia, the passage of the via Castrimeniense was established. Furthermore, the excavated area yielded evidence of activity of various periods, most notably two connecting wells that were both filled up with a large quantity of Republican votive pottery and circa thirty tombs of Republican date.

• MA student from KNIR partner universities (Universiteit van Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit, Universiteit Leiden, Universiteit Utrecht, Radboud Universiteit, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) with preferably a specialization in classical archaeology and/or archaeological conservation and restoration from the universities affiliated to the KNIR.
• Basic training in the handling of archaeological ceramics;
• Fluent in English and at least basic knowledge of Italian;
• Previous knowledge of Republican Roman archaeology is an advantage.

Participating students will receive free tuition and accommodation in Rome. After successful completion of the practicum, travel costs will be reimbursed up to €100,-

Application and admission
The selection of participants (max. 3) is based on experience, the positioning of the practicum in the student’s curriculum, and a letter of motivation.

Students can apply via the link below; include in your application:
a) a letter of motivation
b) a cv

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1 September 2016