KNIR Project

Milou van Hout MA

Milou van Hout is PhD student at the University of Amsterdam, where she works on a research project funded by NWO and supported by KNIR:

Re-discovering cosmopolitan Trieste and Rijeka: imagining new forms of cultural citizenship in urban borderlands

Periods of stay during this project at the KNIR:
1 – 29 September 2017 (as part of the WIS Dissertation Prize)

 She has won the WIS-dissertation prize 2016 for her dissertation In search of the nation at Fiume: Fiume as historical narrative and lieu de mémoire of the Italian nation. Milou has also stayed as a scholarship student at the KNIR in the autumn of 2013 and to work on a article in relation to her dissertation in the spring of 2015.

Milou van Hout was also a KNIR Ambassador (2015-2017).

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