KNIR Project

Joost Snaterse MA MSc

Joost Snaterse is a PhD Candidate at the Radboud University Nijmegen, where he works on a research project supported by the KNIR, entitled:

Urban Patronage and Social Welfare in the Early Byzantine Mediterranean

The project investigates the role of elite patronage in defining social boundaries in major cities of the Early Byzantine Empire (Constantinople, Rome, Antioch, ca. 400-800 CE). It seeks to understand elite patronage as a performative urban phenomenon that (re)defined the Byzantine urban landscape. At the heart of this phenomenon lay social and religious rituals, performed around such foundations as monasteries, orphanages, and hospitals that gained new prominence within Byzantine cities. This project aims to view urban patronage not only as a form of elite self-representation, but also as an active force in shaping and maintaining the different social boundaries of the city, including those determined by class, gender, and rivalling families. The mechanisms behind inclusion and exclusion through patronage in the Byzantine city have hitherto been overlooked. This interdisciplinary project draws on a broad corpus of sources that includes legal texts, narrative histories, inscriptions, and hagiographical writings, while also taking urban topography, descriptions of ritual, and material culture into account. The emphasis on the social and performative dimensions of patronage and the diverse nature of the source material requires the combination of socio-historical (social and gendered hierarchies) and cultural approaches (ritual and performance).

Periods of stay at the KNIR during this project:
4 October – 31 October 2019
Autumn 2020
Spring 2022

Joost is also the current chairperson of the KNIR Ambassadors.

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