Lopende Research Dialogues en archief

La Bataille D'alger De Slag Van Alger

KRD “Beyond ‘The Battle of Algiers’. Fiction, Non-fiction, and Militant Cinema”

Tegel Krd Nathalie De Haan

KRD “L’Italia brandisce la spada dell’Antica Roma. Classical Archaeology, Ancient History, and Modern Myths in Early 20th Century Italy”

1 Stradano Nova Reperta

KRD “American Things Reduced into Art: Epistemologies and Politics of Knowledge Appropriation in the 16th Century”

Krd Deplano Afbeelding

KRD “Italian colonialism and the building of national belonging from XIX Century to the Republic”

Knir Dialogue Falcucci

KRD “Italian Colonial Museums and Collections. Between History, Memory and Today’s Challenges”

Krd Marcy Norton Racoon Nieremberg

KRD “Indigenous Epistemology and Early Modern Science. Nahua Scholars and the Making of “De historia animalium Novae Hispaniae” (1571-1577)”

Img 20201107 Wa0010

KRD “Ongoing Research Projects on the Mid-Republican Colonies of Rome in Southern Lazio and Sabina: Fregellae, Terracina and Cascia, Villa San Silvestro”

Krd Marjolijn Bol Afbeelding 2

KRD “Dynamics of the Durable. A History of Making Things Last in the Arts”

Krd Mammone

KRD “Memory of the Risorgimento in the South: New Challenges”

Aldrovandi's Knife

KRD “From Mexico to 16th-Century Italy: The Transatlantic Lives of Mesoamerican Artifacts”

Teatro Valle Website

KRD “Imagining Institutions Otherwise: Art, Politics, and State Transformation”

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KRD “About the Nuraghe: Colonialism and Rural Exploitation at S’Urachi, Sardinia”