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Date(s) - 01 juli 2021
17:00 - 18:30

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Last autumn, Marianna Maruyama came to the KNIR in search of local Roman termite colonies as part of her artistic process while working on a book and film. Her background in experimental translation practices underlies this work, where scientific research and art practices mingle through interspecies relationships. Termites, for Maruyama, are extraordinary beings holding an invaluable position in a city with a remarkable subterranean history, and in a world of waning dreams. What else do they have to say about the labor and love inherent to life as a social being?

On July 1st, KNIR’s Artist-in-Residence Marianna Maruyama (The Hague) will present her ongoing work, Nile Blue A in the company of biologist Dr. Silvia Ghesini (University of Bologna) who has an extensive knowledge of termites and their specific case history in Rome.