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Date(s) - 28 april 2021 - 30 april 2021
13:30 - 18:00

Participation is free. Please use the following link to join the conference: Microsoft Teams

For more information about this conference please contact: fabio.dellaschiava@kuleuven.be

In his Augustine and the Early Renaissance (1941), Paul Oskar Kristeller pointed out the necessity of a wider and deeper investigation into the reception of Augustine’s works and thought in the Western world. This admonition was not in vain, and throughout the last decades, many contributions have tried to accomplish the task. However, among Augustine’s works, De civitate Dei has received the least attention. This is probably due to the complexity and the vast nature of this work, which discourages a comprehensive analysis of the phenomenon. In the framework of the C1 project “Magnum opus et arduum: Towards a History of the Reception of Augustine’s De civitate Dei”, coordinated at KU Leuven by A. Dupont, G. Partoens, and A. Robiglio, this research cluster has been the object of closer scrutiny in the last few years. In this light, the conference “Augustine and the Humanists” aims to investigate the reception of Augustine’s De civitate Dei in Italy during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries for the first time through a selection of case studies, in order to detect and analyse the various strategies employed in the reading of this work at the dawn of the modern age. To carry out this task, the conference will take advantage of the expertise of an international task-force of scholars on Italian humanism, which will greatly contribute to our efforts to shed light on one of the longest-lasting desiderata in Augustinian studies.