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Eerste semester

Practicum: Exploring Mountain Society in Ancient Samnium

In this field school, you explore the archaeology of mountain society with a small, international team in mountain sites in the Apennines. Together we develop the best field methodology for each site, combining Lidar, satellite and drone data with hard old-fashioned field work. The history and archaeology of ancient societies often focus on coastal settlements in fertile plains, well-connected by the Mediterranean Sea. Mountain society has been understudied because of negative, primitive stereotyping, and simply because field work is much harder in thin air and thick vegetation. Yet, highland sites in the Apennines were often much larger and more complex than previously thought. In this campaign, we try to shed light on sites such as hillforts, and their role in ancient society. Besides practical skills in the field, in the lab you learn to process Lidar, drone and other data. The campaign is physically demanding, but guarantees beautiful views of the Italian mountains.

Winter School: Roma Caput Mundi


Tweede semester

Masterclass: A Greek Philosopher and Priest of Apollo in Rome. Plutarch’s Religious Philosophy and its Impact on Christian Thinking

Plutarch, the Platonist philosopher and priest of Apollo at Delphi, is the most prolific and erudite Greek author with an enormous oeuvre covering issues ranging from history and biography through natural sciences and art to ethics and theology. During his stay in Rome Plutarch wrote lives of illustrious Greeks and Romans and expressed in some of them his view of religion and God (Romulus, Numa, Cicero). The seminar will have a special focus on these Lives together with Roman Questions and other writings discussing matters of religion and theology.

Seminar: Early Roman Imperialism in the Making

Suspended due to Covid-19 New Date TBA

Seminar: Excavating National Pasts

CANCELLED due to Covid-19

Field Practicum Mountain Archaeology: Survey, Aerial, Remote Sensing

Seminar: Jesus’s Polymorphism in the Wider Context of Greco-Roman Religion

Seminar: Latin Epigraphy on Location

Postponed to 22 June - 1 July 2021

Summer School: Roma Caput Mundi

Nascholingscursus De interdisciplinaire Romereis

Verplaatst naar 23-28 juli 2021