Valle Giulia

The KNIR is situated on the edge of the Villa Borghese city park in the Valle Giulia, a cultural centre of modern Rome for over a century. Two of the city’s main museums, the Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia and the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, are located in the valley within walking distance of the KNIR.

Other international institutes and academies have found a home in the valley, too. The Austrian Institute, the Japanese Institute and the British School are located on the other side of the valley, and the Egyptian Academy, the Belgian Academy, the Romanian Academy, the Swedish Institute and the Danish Institute are the KNIR’s immediate neighbours.

Valle Giulia

The KNIR maintains good relations with all of these institutions and fosters cooperation and exchanges of ideas among them.

The recent history of the Valle Giulia is described in detail in Rome in the World – The World in Rome by Peter Rietbergen, professor at Radboud University Nijmegen. The KNIR commissioned the book to mark the 150th anniversary of Italian unity.