Photo collection Van Essen

van-essen_sCarel Claudius van Essen, archeologist and vice-director of the institute from 1946 to 1963, collected and took an extensive amount of pictures during his lifetime. The pictures mainly contain subjects of an historic-archeological nature. His walks in mid Italy and along the old Roman roads remain famous. These excursions, for the largest part, were also documented in photos. In specific, this material is unedited an, interestingly so, a lot of the subjects represented are now gone or difficult to visit due to the devastation of the territory in the 1960s.

The photo collection Van Essen is reordered and digitized by Prof. L. Londei from the University of Tuscia (Viterbo) and Janet Mente (KNIR librarian). The collection consists of more then 2000 pictures now organized in a digitalized database. The material can be viewed at the KNIR (CD-rom) and on flickr.