Grants for postdoctoral candidates

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Have you taken your PhD from one of the six Dutch universities represented in the board of the KNIR and are you preparing a postdoctoral research at one of these universities? If so, you are eligible for a KNIR grant.

Application requirements:
1. You have obtained a doctorate from one of the following Dutch universities: University of Groningen, Leiden University, University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, VU University Amsterdam and Radboud University Nijmegen.
2. You are preparing a postdoctoral research project, that you intend to conduct at one of the above mentioned universities.
3. You intend to apply for research funding for this project (e.g. at the NWO)
4. You have made arrangements with a professor at one of the above mentioned universities who is willing to act as your postdoctoral supervisor.
5. You do not have other funds or income during the period of your grant and you are available full-time for the project.

The grant consists in:
1. Free lodging at the KNIR during the period of your grant.
2. A weekly allowance of €175,- for your general expenses during the period of your grant in Rome.
3. An one-time reimbursement of € 100,- for your travelling expenses to Rome.

How to apply?
You can apply by completing the application form below, selecting Grants for postdoctoral candidates. Please do not forget to attach the following documents: a recent cv, a detailed description of your project/research (including an estimated budget) and a letter of recommendation of your future postdoctoral supervisor, in which she or he clearly states the willingness to act as supervisor in this project.

The academic staff of the KNIR assesses the applications for relevance, originality and feasibility.

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