Scholarships / Grants

An important part of the KNIR mission is to support students, doctoral candidates and postdocs who are enrolled/working at one of our partner universities (RUG, RU, UU, UL, UvA, VU) in their research. Therefore, the KNIR makes a considerable number of grants available each year to this group of young researchers.
When selecting the applications, we look at your motivation, the importance of a stay in Rome for your research, the quality of both the research proposal and the candidate him/herself, and your contribution to the KNIR academic community.

The RMO scholarships
In collaboration with the Rijksmuseum voor Oudheden, we offer RMO scholarships aimed at young researchers with MA degrees in archaeology or (art) history who wish to conduct research related to the museum’s collections. The RMO scholarships have duration of up to 12 consecutive weeks.

The KNIR grants
In addition to this scholarship programme, the KNIR also offers grants. These grants are intended for two target groups:
1. Researchers who are preparing applications for subsidies for postgraduate positions or postdoctoral projects to be carried out at one of our partner universities;
2. External PhD students. These are researchers who are preparing for their doctoral degrees in their own time and with their own resources, in which the research closely matches the core themes of the KNIR.
The selection of the scholarship applications is based on the quality and potential of your research proposal and its alignment with the KNIR research themes. Your motivation and contribution to the KNIR academic community will also be taken into consideration.
A grant consists of a free stay at the KNIR and 24/7 access to our research facilities and reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs.

Applications received are assessed twice a year, on 15 May (for Autumn-Winter period) and 15 November (for Spring-Summer period).
Please note that applications for the RMO scholarships will be assessed once a year, on 15 November.
The results will follow no later than one month after the deadline.