Research profile

The KNIR offers a unique academic environment where students and researchers from Dutch universities can develop skills and ideas in a truly interdisciplinary and international context. The research facilities of the KNIR, with its richly supplied library, the proximity of museums, archives and archaeological sites, and the manifold contacts with international academic institutes in Rome and elsewhere, give the KNIR a key role in representing Dutch academia abroad.

The KNIR facilitates Dutch research in Italy, and in Rome in particular, fostering and encouraging contact between research groups in the Netherlands, Italy and the international academic community. The KNIR also conducts its own research in the core disciplines of history, art history and archaeology, enhancing interdisciplinary collaboration.

Our research activities focus on the general theme:

Rome: Matter & Myth

This theme combines research on material culture (archaeology, architecture, museum collections, archival documents) with research on intellectual culture (history of ideas, iconography, literary studies and religion). It entails three complementary research programs: