Since 2019 the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR) runs a new Fellow Program that focuses on early career researchers from Italy. With this program the KNIR aims to extend the relationships between the Dutch and Italian academic world. KNIR Fellows are talented early career researchers with strong roots in the Roman academic world and/or other relevant institutions. The KNIR Fellows are nominated by the academic staff of the institute. The expected contribution of the Fellow to the research and education profile of the KNIR is one of the selection criteria. Thanks to their network in Italy, the Fellows can advise the KNIR on current research trends and activities, as well as on political developments in academia and cultural heritage management in Italy. Furthermore, Fellows can be involved in a KNIR-research project or affiliated with one of the NWIB universities. The KNIR Fellows take actively part in discussions and debates at KNIR and, with their knowledge and expertise, are an important social asset to the KNIR Community.

Acfellow H Knir Staff 39

Dr. Anita Casarotto

Alf H Knir Staff 42

Dr. Agnese Livia Fischetti

Di Cola Daniele (horizontaal)

Dr. Daniele Di Cola

Annemarieke Willemsen

Dr. Annemarieke Willemsen