About us

Friends of the KNIR

The Friends of the KNIR is a network of enthusiastic people who are connected to the KNIR and feel a strong sense of commitment to the Institute.

The Friends of the KNIR is an association that:

•    supports the KNIR morally and financially;
•    implements initiatives aimed at helping the Institute to thrive and fulfil its scientific and cultural tasks;
•    develops activities to inspire interest in the Institute in the Netherlands and to bring friends and interested parties into contact with one another and, in particular, with the Institute.

Anyone can become a Friend or support the KNIR with a donation or bequest. If you would like more information, please contact the board of the Friends of the KNIR in the Netherlands:

Chair: Dr Minou Schraven, minouschraven@hotmail.com

Treasurer: Miriam Kolk, MA, miriam.kolk@gmail.com

Secretary: Dr Charlotte van Emstede, cvanemstede@hotmail.com