The KNIR offers an unique academic environment in which students and researchers from Dutch universities can excel in an international interdisciplinary setting.

Atheense School

The Instutute offers outstanding students an academic curriculum that complements the programs of the participating universities. The introductory program for undergraduates is followed by an in-depth module for graduate students, a tutorial on how to conduct individual research and finally the Institute is offering a traineeship that bridges the gap between academia and society.

The specific character of the KNIR courses means that there is no possibility of resits. During our courses, preparatory assignments lead up to the final assignment, mostly in the form of a paper, which allows for several feedback moments providing the student insight into his/her study progress. The quality control of the KNIR courses is done by the exam committee of the department of History, Classical Studies and Media Studies (GOM) of Groningen University. Issues such as academic fraud and plagiarism will be dealt with by this exam committee. Also students' complaints about the didactics of the KNIR courses can be submitted to this exam committee. 



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